the-mob-2Our volunteers are, by far, our largest asset to the gardens. Without the immense commitment, dedication and energy of our volunteers, the garden would not exist.

Currently, all positions and responsibilities are filled by volunteers including; Principal Coordinator, President, Events Coordinator, Volunteers Coordinator, Membership Communications, POD leaders, Site Manager, Meeting Facilitators, Handy-men and women, Gardeners, Artists, Seed Savers and Cooks. This means that just about anyone can have a go and get involved in something they are interested in.

The Mullum Community Gardens aims to promote environment sustainability through community participation because we believe that community participation is the key to a healthier, happier and more resilient community, and environmental sustainability is the key to a healthier happier, environment.

In return for our volunteer’s efforts, our ‘Food For All’ garden aims to grow affordable, local organic fruit and veg, available for our volunteers and the wider community in return for their participation and /or donations. We also hold weekly, communal wholesome lunches on Tuesdays with produce from the gardens for our volunteers.

Our volunteer program also offers opportunities for people currently out of the workforce to not only retrain and develop skills that may help them return to work, but to also, connect with other community members, form friendships and share their knowledge and produce. This not only directly enhances the individual lives of the volunteers, but enriches the community as a whole.

A huge thank you to all our dedicated volunteers and welcome to those who are yet to join in.

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