Members Day April

We held the first Members Day Sat 28th April. An event for everyone but especially for allotment holders to meet, have fun, learn new gardening ideas and to tidy up shared areas.

Great thanks to Di Hart for sharing her inspiring knowledge of PH plant requirements and for her demonstration of straw bale gardening. Many grew to understand why seemingly fertile earth failed to produce abundantly and many were inspired by the ability of straw bale gardening to transform a sterile environment into a fertile garden.

We warmly welcome the new members who signed up on the day and wish you many happy and productive times with us. There are still a few plots left and if you are lucky enough to sign up now May and June are offered free, before the annual membership is due early July.

Please join us for our next event, Saturday, May 27. When we will prepare some biodynamic preparations to apply to our allotments and gain an insight into biodynamic agriculture.

Members Day meets on the last Saturday of the month at Mullumbimby Community Gatherings, Expect a  free workshop – demonstration and wonderful meal provided to members (and at a very minimal price to family and friends)

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