Letter from the President

Sarah Jane Potts, President of MCG 2013

Sarah Jane Potts, President of MCG 2013

For me it started four years ago when invited to a meeting of the newly formed Community Garden to assist in putting project management systems in place for the growing organisation.

I was asked to meet on site. I turned up in the blazing midday sun to a big empty field with 6 people in the middle of it huddled under what looked like a banana leaf! Not what I expected!

Come visit us now and witness a miracle – four years later it is a thriving place with flourishing gardens of organic food and flowers in every direction, a training centre, a permaculture back-yard, multiple projects running, chooks, shady rotundas, an outdoor kitchen with an earthen pizza-oven, a bush tucker forest growing, Children’s Gardens, state of the art compost toilets, fruit trees, much more and counting!

I can hardly believe it’s the same place. And the miracle – all done by good people for the sheer love of it!

Did you know that community gardens have a long history – dating back as far 100BC in the UK and the small Celtic fields of Lands End, Cornwall, which are still in use today?

Let me ask you this:

What do you grow in a Rose garden? Yes, roses of course.

What do you grow in a Veggie garden? Veggies…

What do you grow in a Community garden?

Community gardens are now a growing phenomena in Australia and the world, unique places where people come together to grow fresh food, to learn, relax and make new friends… and no two community gardens are alike – each one is as individual as the communities and the landscapes that create them.

It seems to me that we have been surrounded by messages about the need for sustainability for a while now. We may agree with this in principle… but how do we actually make it real in our contemporary lives?!

For us it starts with the simple pleasures – of growing good food and improving health – of ourselves, our community and the land we live on.

So please come wander around our Mullumbimby Community Garden…nibble on some fresh parsley, dodge the butterflies, meet some new friends and feel free to bring your energy, creativity and love to this beautiful place.

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