IMG_5638Food For All- The Food For All (FFA) section of the Mullumbimby Community Gardens is a large area, clearly sign posted and dedicated to communal food growing. This is where volunteers and members of the public can both garden and harvest without worrying about the responsibility of maintaining a garden all by themselves. The philosophy behind this is to provide affordable organic produce for local community members, to empower people to get involved and help grow their own food and to enlighten those who have never gardened communally to the world of sharing a garden.

This is a great way to get involved if you are living a busy lifestyle and don’t have much time for growing your own food. Here, you can contribute a little and gain a lot! We meet when decisions are needed on crops, resources and new garden design areas.Contact: ffa@mcg.org.au to get involved.

Site Pod– This group takes care of the onsite management and the day to day maintenance of the site, tools and resources. This includes the daily supervisors and the Site Manager, Terry Gray. Contact: site@mcg.org.au

Chem-Free Bush Regeneration- The Mullumbimby Community Garden Chemical Free Bush Regeneration project started in 2010.

After being cleared, grazed and then neglected for years, the site was full of environmental weeds – plants which invade and degrade native ecosystems.

Our vision is to use chemical free bush regeneration techniques to transform the area into a rainforest which will protect Saltwater Creek and be habitat for local native plants and animals. The project also raises the community’s environmental awareness and ability to undertake restoration works.

Removing environmental weeds allows the site to recover through natural colonisation and restoration processes. Bush regenerators apply the minimal inputs required to encourage this natural succession to re-establish. Already many local rainforest species have returned to the site. We have also planted trees to increase biodiversity.

To support the gardens organic philosophy and to demonstrate that organic bush regeneration projects have a role in ecological restoration, no herbicides or any chemicals have been used. All weeds have been manually removed or ringbarked. The ringbarked Camphor Laurels will take many years to die, but they already have released their competitive grip on the young rainforest saplings.

We are looking to hold more regular working bees for those people that are interested. As the environmental weeds can impact the entire community garden site we invite all garden members to a work morning around 3 times a year to have a weeding blitz and plant trees. we also encourage people who know about weeds and bush regen to wander through the restoration site and do some ‘stitch in time weeding’ to stop weeds seeding at anytime.Contact: bushregen@mcg.org.au or contact Dave Rawlins on 0410019997.

Compost- This is a vital group to the gardens. A few dedicated individuals collect local, organic food scraps from business’s, bales of straw or mown grass and local manure to build hot compost piles for the Food For All garden. This is the main organic matter used in the communal garden to replace the nutrients in the soil and therefore it is vital for the survival of the Food For All section. We are located behind the Chook Run on the left side of the road within the Mullumbimby Community Garden. Contact e: compost@mcg.org.au.

Organic Chooks- Our chook pod started mid 2010 with a simple chook run and hen house made out of recycled materials. Now, we have expanded the pen and created a rotation system with green manure crops, medicinal herbs and fresh greens grown. We are looking at adding another pen with rotational zones and building a new, upgraded chook house. Our chooks get locally sourced, organic food scraps, spray-free locally grown chook feed and clippings from a local gardener weekly. The chooks are so happy, their egg laying now covers all costs of the POD, maintenance and food.

Our group currently consists of six members but we’re looking for a few more. We communicate via email and meet when working bees are organized usually once a month. Contact: chooks@mcg.org.au or contact Cecile on 0434 156 117.

Education Pod– This group of people organise workshops and courses held at Mullumbimby Community Garden. Many of these workshops are on Sustainability, Permaculture, Organic Gardening, Chook Harvesting, Composting and Worm farming to name a few. There are also some new workshops that cater specifically for Mum’s and Bub’s, allowing Mum’s to get out and about with their bub’s and learn how to be more self sufficient at home.To find out what courses are available now, check out the Workshops & Courses page. Contact: education@mcg.org.au

Events Pod-With solstice celebrations, harvest festivals, family picnics, pizza nights (baked in our cob oven) and community education workshops in all things environmental, our events calendar is often cram-packed. If you can offer skills in event management, fundraising, promotions or any other event related field, please get in touch. Contact: events@mcg.org.au

Communications Pod– This group takes care of getting our message of ‘sustainability’ out to the wider community, volunteers and members through weekly email updates, monthly e-newsletters, brochures and maintaining the website. It is a vital component of our community garden. Contact: communications@mcg.org.au

Fundraising Pod– This group takes care of the Grant submissions and fundraising activities that are vital to the function and ongoing growth of the garden both onsite and through out the community. If you have experience and skills related to fundraising, please contact us: fundraising@mcg.org.au.



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