The Mullumbimby Community Garden (MCG) exists because of the amazing collaboration between a diverse array of people who have generously shared their time, their passions, skills and knowledge to create an amazing community space.

The MCG is run by volunteers, some who have been with us since the beginning, others who just feel like they have. Without volunteers, the MCG simply would not exist.

There are natural ebbs and flows in the activities at the garden. Please feel very welcome to come and share your skills and learn some new ones. If you are interested in bringing your passion to the garden in the form of a workshop or event please see our bookings page. If you’d like to discuss your idea please feel welcome to email mullumcommunitygarden@gmail.com.

The MCG has ‘POD’s’ that are areas of activity that have groups of regular volunteers tending to their needs. Learning and growing together:

• Biodynamics;
• Children’s Garden;
• Chooks;
• Elders Garden;
Food for All communal gardens;
• Kitchen Gardens;
• Nursery
• Waste Management (eg. Compost bays, worm farms compost tea)
• Private Allotments;

If you are looking to see if organised gardening is taking place see if the office is open and if not, if there’s a blackboard out front with the Daily Supervisor’s name on it. We prefer you to fill out a Volunteer Registration form and a Work Health and Safety checklist if you’re going to do any ‘work’ in the garden. This will help you understand your rights and responsibilities and ensure you’re covered by our insurance.

By volunteering at the MCG we hope you will learn, share, laugh and make lots of new friends. You are bound to feel the pleasure that comes from the simple act of contributing to the cultural and social tapestry of our wonderful community and, in the words of Ghandi, “being the change you want to see in the world”.

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