About Us

Organisational Mission Statement


Mullumbimby Community Garden Inc (MCG). aims to provide an interactive facility that will educate, encourage and empower people to reduce their environmental impact on our planet’.While growing organic fruit, vegetables and herbs is at the foundation of our activities, we also promote environmental sustainability, creativity, and community involvement.We aim to provide a wide range of opportunities to involve people of all ages and abilities.We operate with an ethic of goodwill, respecting the beliefs and values of each individual with an open mind and a genuine desire to share’.

Mullumbimby Centre for Sustainable Living and Environmental Education (MCSLEE) Inc is the umbrella organisation of which MCG is a project. MCSLEE’s objectives are to; promote ecologically sustainable development; establish research programmes relating to soil biology and practises and technologies for the rejuvenation and improvement of the soil; facilitate the education of community at large and to apply the research outcomes in order to enhance the natural environment, empower community to live more sustainably and to build respectful, supportive and resilient communities.


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