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Find out what’s happening in our community this quarter. Read on….

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** 1st Quarterly MullumS.E.E.D. Newsletter

Welcome to 2016 and our new face of the Newsletter where you can get information on what’s happening at MullumS.E.E.D., Mullumbimby Community Gardens, Corem, Future Feeders, Shara Boulevard Community Gardens, and other connected organisations. Please feel free to email pictures, blurbs, or any updates for the newsletter.

In Memorial of a Hard Working and Dedicated Volunteer
RIP Mick McQuade

Vale Mick McQuade

It is with sadness that we learnt of the sudden death of one of our Volunteers over the Christmas/New Year break.

Mick McQuade passed away from a heart attack on 30/12/15 at his home.

He worked with the Landscaping Group with Greg O’Meara and others, plus in the Food for All Gardens, clearing and preparing beds for future planting.

He was known for his hard work, reliability and wry, dark humour.

We thank him for his contribution.

A celebration of his life was held at the McQuade homestead on 24/1/16.

He is sadly missed.

*Please remember the children’s play area is a dog-free area.
Mums and Bubs Friday Yoga
Laura Shaz is leading a regular Mums and Bubs yoga class.
Gold coin donation towards the gardens
8:15 arrive to settle in
8:30 to start

Age for bubs: best would be after 2 months and before they are crawling.
Laura is a certified yoga teacher and massage therapist. Her baby Aya will be assisting.

Musical Mummas
In the Children’s Garden every Monday 9:30 am. Open for Mums and Bubs (0-3). Come and learn songs inspired by nature and community to share with your little ones. Mingle with other mummas and improve your musical confidence to sing magic into your home. $15 per session or $60 for 5. For more information please visit www.facebook.com/songbirdbel/
Lego Wednesdays
From 4 til 6
Come along bring you lego to SHARE SWAP AND CREATE!
Contact Yurpyia 0409 462 201
Food For All, Allotments, Site and Nursery Update
Sue Disney our magnificent Nursery Coordinator tells us that there are lots of seedlings to purchase. (Prices at the bottom of the newsletter)
The news on the ground is that there is more food growing in Food For All than ever before and Sue informs she’s never seen it better! A shout out goes to all our dedicated vollies who put the effort in to making this concept happening. So feel free and come harvest some food. Just remember to contribute a fair donation to help us continue to keep the food growing!

Solarising for Weed Control: One of the many methods for dealing with unwanted plants

This private allotment previously had metre high weeds that were chopped and dropped with a brush cutter. It was covered with UV resistant black agricultural plastic (supplied by Mitre 10 Mullumbimby) and weighted down with logs and bundles of newspaper. Two and a half months later it was uncovered and viola! end result. Thick, composted mulch over rich, healthy soil…and our happy new allotment holder, Mike New.

Always a Serpent in Paradise.

In the middle of Spring early in the morning, our Daily Supervisor, Michael Hutley opened the Seed Saver’s shed. The front of the shed is a metal roller door; as it was raised just above head height, something fell and wrapped around his neck like a scarf. It was a beautiful carpet python and just as startled as Michael was. One thing for certain though, it didn’t yell as loudly as he did.

We do have a number of resident snakes in the Garden, three pythons we know of, a couple of brown snakes, and at least one red-bellied black snake. Both WIRES and the local snake experts prefer they be left in peace. If snakes are removed from their territory they often die, and other snakes move in anyway to fill the vacant spaces in the ecosystem.

Please remember this is summer in Australia, and take the usual precautions regarding snakes. Make plenty of noise wherever you go, and don’t bother any that you see. Let the site supervisor know if you spot one, and we can warn people to stay out of that particular area for the day.

The Mullumbimby Community Garden nurtures it’s wildlife whenever possible, and as soon as Michael’s heart rate returned to near normal, the python was captured and moved to the back of the Garden. It now sleeps near the chook shed on a regular basis, and thankfully has never bothered the chickens.

Check out our new Hastag #mullumbimbycommunitygardens that Robyn made to see what’s happening in the allotments.

Volunteer Opportunities Abound!
If you find yourself with the need to contribute and have some spare time, please come down and join our team of volunteers. Benefits of volunteering are exponential from the social outlet, to getting that much needed movement in your body and brain. It is proven that people who volunteer live happier live and feel more content due to willingly giving to someone else (or organisation). Please come and join us on a Tuesday for our volunteer lunch for a gold coin donation and find out what times and days are convenient for you and what jobs are available.

FYI-Byron Community Centre is offering:

** A free private movie screening at the Byron Theatre each month
The next screening hasn’t been announced, but if you are interested in going please contact their volunteer coordinator:
volunteers@byroncentre.com.au (mailto:volunteers@byroncentre.com.au)

Our wonderful chemical free landcare group meet next to the Bruns SLSC fortnightly from the first Sat in Jan til early Dec.
The Byron Shire Chemical Free Landcare would like to say a huge thank you to THE SUNGLASSES FIX:

Hi, I would like to say thank you to The Sunglass Fix for their financial support. Did you know that you can replace a broken sunglasses lens? Well Sunglass Fix is a Byron Shire company manufacturing up to 42 thousands Australian made lens per day. They export to all around the world any model of lens that you can think about for around 10% of the total cost of the original sunglasses. So check their web site https://www.thesunglassfix.com.au/ and feel happy that you don’t need to buy a new sunglasses, you can fix it. Very cool.
Recently they chose to support Byron Shire Chemical Free Landcare by making a tax deductible donation to Mullum S.E.E.D. (Mullumbimby Sustainability Education and Enterprise Development incorporated). All donations above $2 to BSCFL are tax deductible, so all that you need to do is to go to S.E.E.E.D web site http://mullumbimbycommunitygardens.org/donate/ and chose our project, listed under the arrow on the donation box. Any questions please let me know.
One of the very successful projects under S.E.E.E.D is the Mullumbimby Community Garden.
All donations given to BSCFL are used for the payments of tools, administration expenses and chemical free bush re-generators. We are passionate about implementing sustainable land management, when you sponsor us, your are sponsoring LOVE. Byron Shire Chemical Free Landcare is a project of Mullum S.E.E.D. (Mullumbimby Sustainability Education and Enterprise Development incorporated)
Nadia de Souza Pietramale project coordinator
0478 272 300

The latest Glyphosate News:

The use of dangerous herbicides for weed control by landcare, dunecare, local councils, NP. RTA, farmers, etc is out of date as it is a serious risk to the health of the public and our environment. We are not alone in Byron Shire with our concerns. Please see article below about the upgrading of glyphosate by the WHO from possibly carcingenic to probably. Write to your local council expressing your concern.

COREM has decided to show the BLACK HOLE as the first of its series of FUNDRAISING Film nights at the DRILL HALL because of its intimate relationship to its cause….

“Black Hole shows the Maules Creek farming community in NSW being overrun and bludgeoned by Whitehaven Coal, and its political, legal and corporate allies. This shocking documentary culminates in the nation of Australia’s indifference to an Aboriginal boy’s tears as his heritage is destroyed. The film is a riveting
wake-up on the vast and greedy forces overrunning Earth’s ability to cope.
Every Australian should see this film, not least Tony Abbott.”
Bob Brown – The Bob Brown Foundation

“This is possibly the best enviro documentary I’ve ever seen.
It opened at the Environmental Film Festival Australia last night.
Absolutely inspiring and essential to see for anyone interested in
protecting this country and the global climate.”
Eco Shout

6:30pm : Welcome to Country by Jarmbi Githabul
Food + Refreshments
Speaker + MC Mayor Simon Richardson
7:15pm : Live Broadcast with Muz Drechsler from the Leard
Forest Blockade
8pm : Black Hole Movie Screening

$20 / $15 Concession @ THE DOOR

All proceeds going to our CROWD FUNDING CAMPAIGN to put a PV system for the Drill Hall and kick start our Revolving Community Energy Fund for a 100% RENEWABLE ENERGY MULLUMBIMBY AREA!

Future Feeders is still looking to form a Community Supported Agriculture Program (CSA) by expanding the weekly box sales.
At the moment using produce from Future Feeders and another couple of young farmers in the area including Joel Orchard, Joey Vegetables and Even Anderson.

Future Feeders also offers weekly boxes of freshly grown food by the young farmers pictured above. Picked fresh Friday mornings; packed and ready for pickup by 9am at the Mullumbimby Community Garden or delivered by request.
If you want to get involved please feel free to contact Joel and read the what CSA is about:
and read the pdf at:
https://www.facebook.com/groups/FutureFeedersCropShare/files/ (https://www.facebook.com/groups/FutureFeedersCropShare/files/)

Future Feeders are offering premium Worm Juice available at their office down near their market garden allotments (at the back of the gardens)

What’s the Tea good for?
* Soil conditioner and plant food.
* Great as a soil drench or foliar spray for your indoors plants.

Perfect for Mullumbimby backyard gardeners, and Mullumbimby Community Garden allotment holders.

Funds will go towards a solar aerator to increase production of compost tea applications and biological activity.

Recently Shara Gardens been greatly helped by the work-for-the-dole team from Mullum Gardens and their very capable leader Greg O’Meara. They put in three compost bays, then the shade-cloth over the kids’ sandpit along with put in a new circle of logs for children to play on. Many thanks to them.

Our next new project is a pizza oven that will be started in February. We are all really looking forward to Pizza nights! We have our local builders and a pizza chef organising it. We’ll let you know when you can come for pizza.
We are looking for 2 new Coordinators, voluntary or work-for-dole, for this much-loved organic garden-meeting place and for the children’s play group.
Originally the children’s group met on a Friday, but can be any day of the week if that suits a coordinator taking on this role.
Workshop leaders use both our wooden floored Rotunda and the Pergola with its massive table. Parties and gatherings are popular in the Pergola. The big table and benches for parties etc may be booked. Members can organise workshops, parties or gatherings, please text Suzanne on 0431 151 950 for details.

We have food-for-all public beds, and members my rent a private plots


Mullum S.E.E.D. Inc. offers a variety of community service programs.

Jobs Active and Work for the Dole programs give unemployed people of all ages and abilities, meaningful and enjoyable activities that meet their job agency and Centrelink requirements.

Work Development Order clients can pay of current or longstanding fines with the State Debt Recovery Office by volunteering at Mullumbimby Community Garden.

Please contact sue.disney@mullumseed.org.au or go to the gardens on a Tuesday morning at 10 am.

** Newsletter Contributions
Relevant content is welcomed and appreciated for this quarterly e-update. Simply send an email with all content & SPECIFIC DETAILS (times, dates, contact person and details) directly to newsletter@mullumseed.org.au by 5pm of the last Wednesday of April for the next newsletter for the following month’s email.
If photographs and attachments can be sent as .jpg files it makes it easier to upload into the program.
Don’t forget to include the name of the photographer and subject/event etc so we can give due credit!
Thank you 🙂

Current contributors… if you have content in the regular activity section, please be sure to inform me if details change month to month. Cheers – Ed.
Reminder: Membership and Allotment Fees
Membership and Allotment fee’s are one of the few stable revenues that help the gardens continue to function. Yes, we greatly appreciate your volunteer work too of course, but we would LOVE you to join (or renew) your membership and annual allotment fee’s on time as this reduces paper work for the volunteers behind the scenes 🙂

The best and easiest way to do this is online here:
Membership (http://mullumbimbycommunitygardens.org/get-involved/membership/)
Allotments (http://mullumbimbycommunitygardens.org/get-involved/allotments/)
Thank you for your continued support, we cannot exist without it.

Check out MCG’s facebook site and website,follow us,like us,share us and enjoy! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mullumbimby-Community-Gardens/424223888008?ref=hl
www.mullumbimbycommunitygardens.org (http://mullumbimbycommunitygardens.org/)


Please make sure you are paying for the food that you pick from Food For All. Your contribution funds the operations of the gardens and upkeep of the infrastructure and tools.


Dogs at the Gardens
All dogs must be on leash within the gardens & NO dogs are to be allowed inside the children’s garden, due to a traumatic dog bite incident. Please respect these rules for the enjoyment and inclusion of everyone. Signage is now installed on site.
Garden Goodies
For sale: seedlings – $3 punnets, $5 pots
Food For All – please give a fair exchange for what you pick
Eggs (first in best dressed) – 50c or $5 dozen
The Gardens Wish List:
The garden is in need of a few bits and pieces…
If you have any of the following that you don’t need, please bring to the garden! But please don’t just drop it off, do come and ask whereto put it first.
-egg shells (the chickens will eat them to build up their calcium)
-food scraps (for the chickens and worms)
– quality building materials
Warm Weather Means Snakes are Awake!
Please take care when walking around the sunny spots in the gardens as local snakes may be out basking and could be a bit cranky. Keep your eyes open and footwear on!


EVENTS & WORKSHOPS (http://mullumbimbycommunitygardens.org/event/page_offset:1/action:posterboard/time_limit:1/cat_ids:1/)

Do you have an event that you would like to have a the Community Gardens? Please feel free to contact the booking coordinator at Adrienne.dewdney@mullumseed.org.au
There is a fee for workshops and events that charge, however, if you are putting on something that is free or a gold coin donation towards the garden, then there is no fee.
Please be aware that even if you are not asking for any money that you must fill out a form so that the relevant people know you are coming.
Looking forward to see what transpires without workshops and evens this year.

** Check out the full calendar of workshops and events here
web: http://mullumbimbycommunitygardens.org/event/

MONDAYS (office closed)
Mullum SEED Board Meeting
1st Monday Evening of the Month

Daily Supervisor: Michael Hutely
9am-2pm Volunteers Day
veggie gardening,
mowing, building, nursery, seed
Communal Volunteers Lunch provided
(for a gold coin donation)
State Debt Recovery Sign up day 10 am

Daily Supervisor: Eva
9 am-2 pm Volunteers Day
Daily Supervisor: Stuart 9 am- 12:30 pm
Sasha 12:30 -2:30 pm
9 am-2 pm Volunteers Day
Sasha is at the gardens from 9:30 am- 12:30 pm to conduct MCG/SEED business

Daily Supervisor: Mike
8 am-2 pm Volunteers Day

Daily Supervisor: Sandan
9.30 am-12.30 pm Volunteers Day
Crop Swap
(3rd) Sat, 10 am for a 10.30 am swap
Leave your money at home this is a money free event!
SUNDAYS (Office Closed)


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