Welcome – ‘Jingi Wala’Welcome

Mullumbimby Community Garden (MCG) is a not for profit, community based project of Mullum S.E.E.D. (Mullumbimby Sustainability Education and Enterprise Development incorporated)

Mullumbimby Community Garden lies on 5 hectares of lush Bundjalung country in Northern NSW. We acknowledge and respect the past and present custodians of this rich and fertile land.

The garden is a place of vibrancy, abundance, cultural diversity, friendships, knowledge, sustainable practices and fun. We have been growing since April 2009 and we now have a diverse range programs, projects, workshops and activities available for all ages, abilities and interests.

Community Garden Of The Year 2014!!

It’s official, we have been chosen as Community Garden of the Year by ABC Gardening Australia! Together we have grown a magnificent, award-winning community garden. A big thank you to you for participating in our community garden.

The Mullumbimby Community Garden inspires and motivates many to grow their own and enjoy the fruits of such labour. This award is a wonderful acknowledgement for all the sweat and love that has gone into creating such a community asset. Let’s look forward to growing more veggies and sharing the abundance.

We’ve uploaded the article here for your enjoyment.
Thank you to Kate Barber and Jared Fowler for the article and photography

Our New Office

OfficeWe are looking forward to the completion of the new office…This is where we’ll be 4 days a week from 9am to 1.30pm to answer your questions, take membership and allotment payments, provide you with forms and paperwork if you need it, direct volunteers to the daily supervisors and generally be the friendly face of the gardens for visitors.

Bee Gardens

IMG_1087American University Student Hailey Dubuque will give a presentation about her study into bee food and bee gardens. She will discuss the reasons for declining bee populations around the world and ways you can help save the bees. If you’re interested you can stop by the Mullumbimby Community Garden at 10:30 on Tuesday 24th Nov. Hailey will be presenting in the learning curve.

Bee Fact Sheet pdf


Welcome to the team!


Eliezer, Andrea, Joel

A big welcome to our 3 new members of the team!
After Cherie took a leap over to Arhnem Land, Joel Orchard (who also runs Future Feeders) stepped into to take on the role of secretary. We’ve also had Eliezer (Steph) Miers jump into the role of Allotment Coordinator and the lovely Andrea Pedersen who has already been an active member on the board as Vice President has also taken the position of Membership Coordinator. Welcome and thank you!
Keep an eye out for our lovely new team members and say hello!

Thank you Jeanette

JeanetteCould we ever say thank you enough to the woman who gave it her all and more? Who not only initiated the agreements with Council, but then continued to make sure the dream became a reality….   Jeanette, you have mentored and inspired, taught and counseled many. Now we have this amazing resource where we can grow, gather, eat, learn, share, teach, evolve, enjoy and lead by example, thanks to you.